Idaho Chapter

Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

On-the-ground amongst the greatest number and
least disturbed Lewis and Clark sites in the nation!

Idaho Chapter

Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

Lolo Trail work week is July 22–28, 2018!

A tomahawk with a large blade

Floyd's Tomahawk in Idaho

by Norman Steadman

Ordway was the only journalist that recorded seeing the war axes and implies that he was told the Chopunnish (Nez Perce) Indians got them from the Hidatsa Indians the previous year. If the Nez Perce did get the axes from the Hidatsas, they were in the Clearwater valley when Lewis and Clark passed through the region in 1805 . . . .


Lolo Work Week

Timber sign-frame being erected by 3 men

Canyon Junction Sign Replacement

The Lolo Trail, that historic travel route over the Bitterroot Mountains between Missoula Montana and Lewiston, Idaho and traveled by Lewis and Clark and many others needs help. Spend a full week helping maintain the trail, interpretive signs, camp sites, viewing the scenery and learning a bit of history.


L&C in Idaho

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Learn about key Lewis and Clark sites in Idaho. Zoom in to view their route, change maps, pan, or view in Google Earth.


Featured Idaho Sites

Pheasant Camp Aerial Video

aerial photo of a meadow and creek in the Idaho hills